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Genesis of Beretta SubMachineGuns

Machinegun Villar Perosa O.V.P.
Cal. 9mm Glisenti (1910)

Only the barrels and a few other parts were produced by Beretta; represents the starting point for some of the weapons that follow.
It has a retarded blowback action and feeds fro. the top, from a curved box magazine.

Beretta Automatic Carabine, ex. O.V.P.
Cal. 9mm Glisenti (1910)

Obtained by attaching a delay spring to the bolt of an O.V.P., and by changing the firing system to one having a button that permits full-automatic fire.
When the button was not kept depressed, the weapon fired in semiautomatic upon normal pull on the trigger.
Probably exists only in this prototype.

Semiautomatic Carabine, mod. 1918, ex. O.V.P.
Cal. 9mm Glisenti

This is almost certainly the weapon adopted by the Italian Army in 1918. Owing to a special disconnector, it fired only in semiautomatic.
The folding-rod bayonet was adapted from the short Mod. 91 rifles.

Beretta Semiautomatic Carabine, mod. 1918, ex. O.V.P.
Cal. 9mm Glisenti

In effect an O.V.P. turned upside down, it constitutes an effort to place the munitions feeding on the underside in order to free the line of sight. The cocking handle is therefore on the left.

Beretta Semiautomatic Carabine
Cal. 9mm Glisenti

Built according to patent No.169576 of September 23, 1918, A has a cylindrical bolt with separate firing pin.
Nicknamed "the syringe" for the peculiar loading ring, it was the basis for the Mod. 1918/30.

Beretta Automatic Carabine
Cal. 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm)

Compared with the preceding Mod. 1918, of which it is a variant, this arm presents some modifications to the firing system and to the rear sight.
It was adopted by some Police units and by the Italian Forestry Service.

Beretta mod. 1939 with scope
Cal. 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm)

Possibly a prototype made at Government request.

Extra-Light SubMachineGun Beretta
Cal. 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm)

Probably only a prototype, this piece represents an attempt to modernise the Mod.1918/30.
Only a few photographs survive, making it impossible to give other information.

Texts & Pictures from book : "Beretta la dinastia industriale più antica al mondo" M.Morin - R. Held