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Beretta Web - Beretta Pistol model 950 B 

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Caliber .25ACP and .22Short
pistol of the series 950, cal. 6,35 (.25) assembly line
The pistol of the series 950, manufactured in cal. 6,35 (.25) and serving as base for the .22 short pistols, can be considered as the real pocket weapon for defense and sporting purposes. To its qualities of particular lightness it unites those of precision, sturdiness and security, which are the characteristics normally recognized to pistols of larger caliber, weight and dimensions. Compared with the foregoing series, the series 950 B enhances the results of large and extensive experiences which are proper of the BERETTA line.
pistol of the series 950, cal. 6,35 (.25) test department
The main characteristics of the pistol mod. 950 B are:
- a more sensible and promptly responding firing system,
- barrel particularly stabilized and reinforced, thanks to a perfect connecting device of the fitting to the body (frame),
- slender and graceful line, hinged barrel,
- possibility to introduce by hand the first cartridge or withdraw it,
- easy cleaning of the weapon,
- full absence of whatever extraction device (which after longer use is subject to breakage) on account of an ingenious exploitation of the recoil force and also because of the hinged barrel.

The 950 B maintains unaltered the characteristic of the outside hammer, which is proper of the BERETTA pistol in all its larger calibers, with the known advantage to consent to keep a cartridge in the firing chamber with lowered hammer, assuring the highest safety degree (it is though advisable to avail oneself of such advantage only in particular cases). The hammer consents besides to repeat the percussion in case of insufficient primer, without the necessity to recock the arm by pulling the slide backward.

The hammer is provided with a safety catch, which acts on the sear lever, so as to prevent any accidental firing.The body (frame) of the 950 B is made of a special light alloy of very high resistance, so as to confer to the weapon Iightness and high sturdiness; the barrel and the slide are of alloy steel duly annealed.All other parts are manufactured with suited and selected material and are interchangeable.

The Beretta pistols model 950B cal. 6.35 mm. 950B/DI cal. 6.35 mm. 950BS cal. 6.35 mm. 950cc cal. 22 short 950cc Special cal. 22 short are designed for self-defence and training purposes, and have the following features:
Tip-up barrel, which allows for easy inspec- tion and cleaning as well as for manual insertion and removal of the cartridge from the chamber.
Absence of extractor: ejection is effected by means of the recoil. Absolute constructional simplicity: the trigger guard forms a spring which activates the tip-up movement of the barrel.
Reduced dimensions: only 120 mm. (appr. 4314 in.) in length and 87 mm. (appr.3 7/16 in.) in height. Hammer half-cock and inertia-operated firing pin: both of which contribute to the protection against accidental discharge.
The 950 B/DI is the de luxe version of the 950 B and differs in the following aspects: Limited-number series Rich hand engraving Entirely gold plated High-quality walnut grips Supplied in a special case The model 950BS differs from the 950B in: Manual safety, which blocks the trigger me- chanism. It is positioned on the left side of the pistol where it can be easily worked by the right thumb.


Specifications :

Overall Length

115 mm


85 mm

Length of barrel

60 mm

Weight of pistol with empty magazine

280 gr

pistol of the series 950, cal. 6,35 (.25)

pistol of the series 950, cal. 6,35 (.25) open barrel

9550 versions


pistol of the series 950, cal. 6,35 (.25) made in italy 1952

Cool picture from a USA gun-owner (made in Italy 1952)



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