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Model 92FS : 15 years of evolution in many different versions
- 1a….Beretta 92 GHOST
- 1b….Beretta 92 COMBAT First PROTOTYPE 
- 1c….Beretta 92 UM PROTOTYPE
- 1d….Beretta 92 M9- DOLPHIN
- 1d….Beretta 92 TARGET
- 1e….Beretta 92 PLUS
Beretta 92 Ghost
Beretta 92FS Ghost Open top slide virtually eliminates jamming or
stove piping. Allows the user to load the
chamber one cartridge at a time should the
magazine be lost or damaged.


Beretta 92 COMBAT First Prototipe

Beretta 93 Combat In 1990 this pistols was specifically modified to improve performance in competition combat style shooting. The operation is single action only, and the ambidextrous manual safety blocks the sear. See more click here.
Beretta 92 UM Design Prototype
Beretta 92FS Hybrid Frame

SiG was the first Company who  developed something like my concept. GO TO THE HYBRID PAGE


Beretta 92 M9- DOLPHIN

Beretta 92FS Dolphin DOLPHIN semiauto combat handgun is not an "original" Beretta product, but a custom modification by a small USA manufacturer. Mr. Muffolini told me to have seen it in a SHOT SHOW, some years ago (he remembers in New Orleans... is it possible?), and to have tried to acquire it, but it fires the .9x19-Parabellum round, so he would not be able to do so (ok, at least... I suspect mr. Muffolini to be a BERETTA employee, so maybe he would have been able to get it in order to add it to the BERETTA COLLECTION, placed in the BERETTA headquarter, at Gardone Val Trompia); furthermore, the M9 DOLPHIN was produced in very small number. Any further information coming from you or any other co-operator is welcome. The M9 DOLPHIN is a "closed bolt" pistol (when the gun fires and the slide goes back, only the EJECTION PORT opens, not the whole barrel, as in other BERETTAs).
I remember to have spotted somewhere on the web, VERY, VERY LONG TIME AGO, a picture of this gun with a 25 rounds magazine in (as the BERETTA M93-R's one). Maybe that one was just an airsoft copy, because it was from a japanese website, but, as the airsoft replicas exactly reproduce the original pieces of weaponry, is it possible that the M9 DOLPHIN was a select-fire "Machinepistol"? Picture and information courtesy of: PIERANGELO TENDAS
Beretta 92 TARGET
Beretta 92FS Target Designed to offer the ultimate performance in competition shooting, the 98FS Target pistol meets all UITS standards for large caliber pistols (P.G.C.). The Model 98FS Target pistol features a 150 mm barrel with an aluminum counterweight sleeve, micro metrically adjustable sights, and semi anatomic grips in walnut with orange peel anti slip finish. This pistol is also available model 96 Target in cal. .40 SW.
Beretta 92 PLUS with Laser Grips
Beretta 92FS laser
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