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Beretta Web - Beretta Model 1200 12 GA

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A different concept of semiautomatic shotgun

Any expert hunter knows well that adverse conditions like the morning dampness, a rainy day, the passage through compact vegetation and a saline atmosphere put his shotgun to the test. Notwithstanding the fact that the classic shotgun may be thoroughly weatherproof and abrasion resistant, it is likely to get damaged to some extent, unless it is handled with particular care.
The hunter, who is determined not to lei his pleasure of hunting be spoilt by the worry of damaging his shotgun, can now avail himself of the Beretta 1200 F representing a different concept of automatic shotgun.
Developed for coping with the worst conditions, the Beretta 1200 F is really an "all-field shotgun”, with simple mechanisms, essential finish, rugged and reliable. Hereafter we are going to give you the reason why. The stock and forend are made of a special strengthened techno polymer.

Beretta Model 1200 12 GA bolt

The rotating breech bolt head ensures a perfect locking on the barrel extension .

The impact strength, abrasion resistance, weather ability, strain strength and endurance of this material fully meet the severe ordnance specifications required by military firearms on which Beretta has the chance to made severe field tests.
The operation system, both simple and practical, uses by inertia the kinetic energy of the recoil.
The bolt assembly consists of a limited number of components, among which, the rotating head, ensures a perfect locking on the barrel extension. When the cartridge is fired, the kinetic energy of the recoil drives the locking slide forward with regard to the shotgun.
The locking slide compresses a spring located between the slide itself and the rotating head, so driven backwards by this spring which is extending, it makes the head turn by means of a cam. In this way, the cartridge chamber gets open. The system, in conjunction with the fixed barrel, gives a remarkable shooting stability. The trigger plate assembly is also very simple: a single pin is sufficient to fix it to the receiver.
The feeding assembly is designed in order to ensure a correct feeding, even when using the most powerful shot shells. No special tools are needed for disassembling.

Beretta Model 1200 12 GA trigger group

The trigger plate assembly consists of a small number of parts.


Simplicity of construction and special materials are not only a guarantee for handiness and functionality, but mean also less weight and ease of handling. These two last properties of the shotgun become particularly evident and appreciable at the end of a hunting day. Not to speak of the new attractive design of the 1200F. The streamline receiver is connected with the stock by a definite chamfer, yet extremely harmonic. The fluted stock and forend add a distinctive character to the shotgun. To carry the shotgun on the shoulder, the stock is fitted with a threaded bore, covered by a removable cap, to accommodate a sling swivel whenever needed. The matted grey chromed trigger, safety, feeding lever and bolt release button stand out against the matted black finish of the entire shotgun. The final result is the new Beretta 1200F a young shotgun yet with an undeniable character, slight1y unconventional, undoubtedly ,practical and cost-effective. For those who like to go hunting in all freedom, here is the 1200 F a different concept of automatic shotgun.

Gauge 12
Cartridge Chamber 70 mm  2 3/4"
Barrel Length and Chokes 67 cm 000 (M) - 71 cm 00 (IM)
Barrel  hard-chromed bore
Rib plain ventilated bore
Front sight metal bead
Operation semi-automatic, inertia operated
Locking system rotating bolt
Safety Manual, push buttom, locking the trigger
Magazine plugged to 2 rounds (3 rounds including 1 in chamber)
Stock, Forend made of special strengthened technopolymer
Lenght of stock 365 mm
Weight 3,250 ~ Kg
Finish matted black and matted grey

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